The SOKKA games have been designed to hone a player's individual skills.  Through repetition and recorded performance, the player is continually challenged to improve.  From mastering the ball to creating excellent aerobic and anaerobic capacity, the games equip players with the skills to achieve their potential.

The fact that the games are great fun and are played in a safe and secure environment, only adds to the experience. 

In the Zone

In The Zone is the most physically challenging of all the SOKKA games. A high level of fitness, an abundance of stamina and a 'never say die' attitude will help you get through this tough challenge.

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Give and Go

Give & Go is the most technically challenging of all the games. Under pressure from the first second to the last, players need to maintain a high level of accuracy and a great deal of composure to score well.

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Block it

Can you remain disciplined when the game gets easier?  This game tests the players’ ability to knock out as many lights as possible in the allocated time.  This game challenges the players’ discipline to not get carried away with over hitting and rushing the ball.

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On the Spot

Good vision and lightning fast reactions are what's needed to score high. This game is designed to develop ball control, dribbling and balance. Any improvement on this game will be visible back on the football field.

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Pass and Receive

How accurate are you at hitting a moving target, with a football?  This game tests the players’ ability to hit a moving target as many as possible.  Quick movement, accurate passing and an ability to read the game is needed to master this one.

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Head 2 Head

Head2Head is the BIG finale! Do you have what it takes to beat your opponent? Can you handle the pressure and keep your focus in this three game challenge when the games come quick and fast?

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