Block it

About Block It

Over the last decade the game of football has got faster and faster, and today's footballer is required to play at a startling pace.  To emulate this, the BLOCK IT game challenges the player to work fast to knock out so many lights.  To score well the player must master fast passing sequences and have a secure first touch.

With only 45 seconds on the clock, it is easy for the player to get carried away and lose control!


  • Improves the player's reaction speeds
  • Improves the player's fast passing through repetition
  • Improves a player's awareness and vision
  • Improves the player's ability to weight the pass
  • Provides focused practice to hone individual skills

Technical information

  • Block It - Technical 1

  • Block It - Technical 2

  • Block It - Technical 3

  • Block It - Technical 4

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