Give and Go

About Give + Go

Today's modern game is all about short, fast accurate passing. We only have to look at the success of Barcelona FC to appreciate the importance of this skill. 

GIVE + GO is all about fast passing sequences. The challenge is for the player to knock out as many of the small targets as possible.  In doing so, the player is working hard on improving the accuracy of their one touch passing.

With the pressure of time against you, this is not as simple as it may sound!  Concentration and a good passing technique is required to score well on this game. 


  • Improves a player's one touch passing
  • Improves a player's concentration and focus
  • The player is continually challenged to do better
  • Improves a player's composure
  • Helps the player master the ball

Technical information

  • Give and Go - Technical 1

  • Give and Go - Technical 2

  • Give and Go - Technical 3

  • Give and Go - Technical 4

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