SOKKA Corporate Programme

Any event, any location

Already proving a huge success with some big companies, the SOKKA games can be hired to support a host of corporate events.  These can range from team building and conference events, to public engagement and marketing campaigns.  The SOKKA games offer something completely new and exciting and are sure to get your team, partners and clients engaged and having fun.


Based in South Manchester, SOKKA has built a centre that can host initmate corporate events centered on the SOKKA games.  With meeting and conference facilities, as well as changing and shower facilitiles, SOKKAmotive can be a great location for any corporate away day that is looking for that something special.

For an extra special experience, book Kevin Keegan into the package and he'll join in the fun as well as provide a keynote tailored to the theme of the day.  A sure way to give your team a lasting experience that will re-energise their motivation.

Corporate Wellbeing

Time is the most important resource in the corporate world, with many sacrificing their good health to keep on top of an ever-increasing workload.  However this does not have to be the case with the SOKKA games.  In 15mins of playing the games, players can expect to burn in excess of their daily recommended amount of calories, as well as benefiting from a huge release of endorphins - helping to smash away all that built up stress.  Ideal for a lunchtime workout with your work colleagues!!

SOKKA is a natural fit in any Corporate Wellbeing Programme.

Fully brand-able

The SOKKA games can be full branded to your corporate branding making it an ideal activation for marketing and promotional campaigns.

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