Leisure & Fitness

SOKKA in the heart of the Community

SOKKA is a fully transportable package making it easy to take the games out on the road and into the heart of the community.  Meaning SOKKA can be played and enjoyed at your convenience.


SOKKA has a fully transportable package that means you can take the games out on the road and into the community. The games are cleverly designed within transportable flight cases making them both mobile and robust.


In partnership with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), SOKKA has delivered an innovative SOKKA circuit that delivers maximum health benefits in 30 mins of exercise.  Combining the benefits of high interval training with the latest research from LJMU, the SOKKA circuits are a sure way to getting you fit in a fun and rewarding environment.

The SOKKA circuit is ideal of health clubs and leisure centres.  The portability allows the games to be setup in virtually any space - studio, sports hall - and after the session packed away so the space can be used for other classes.

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