SOKKA Schools Programme

Tackling inactivity right now

The UK is facing an inactivity time bomb. Research suggests half of 7 year olds don't get enough exercise and spend more than spend 6hrs a day in front of a screen. As a result childhood obesity is on the rise and currently 7 in 25 children are either overweight or obese.  The Prime Minister David Cameron says; "Physical activity is incredibly important to the wellbeing of children and adults, and can play a big part in helping people lead healthier lifestyle."

In collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University's School of Sport and Exercise and the Rowett Insititute of Nutrition and Health, SOKKA has developed an evidence-based Healthy Living Schools Programme.  It's sole aim is to get more children active through having fun, whilst at the same time learning about the importance of exercise and heathly food.

Totally Unique Schools Programme

The SOKKA Schools Programme is bsed on the latest research in exercise science and behavourial change theory.  As a result, the programme is offers a truly unique and innovative healthy living schools intervention.  

The programme has a 99% success rate at getting the inactive children engaged with doing exercise, but more importantly building their confidence to increase their activity levels and make exercise part of their daily rountine.

SOKKA offers a truly unique schools programme that is unmatched by any other intervention and is guaranteed deliver meaningful and lifelasting change in a fun and engaging environment!! 

SOKKA's eLearning Module

Running alongside the SOKKA games is SOKKA.NET (Nutrition & Exercise Training) - an online learning module, focused on teaching children and parents the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise.  Also, by recording their SOKKA scores in SOKKA.NET, children can keep track of their progress and even compare scores with their friends.

Just like the SOKKA games, SOKKA.NET has been designed to be easy to use and great fun to work through. And because SOKKA.NET is accessible over the internet, parents can get involved with learning about exercise and good diet.

It's more than Football... Its the ABC's of movement

Whilst SOKKA is football-themed, the schools programme has been designed to incorporate additional sports including bastketball and rugby.  

At it's very core, the programme is targeted at developing a child's Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, and Speed (commonly known as the ABC's of movement).  These core skills are fundamental across all activities, and by playing SOKKA it has been proven that children learn and develop key movement skills that will give them the confidence to tackle any sport or activity they wish.

A recent report by UKActive - Stay Young Stay Active has identified that the decline in physical activity in children is having a detrimental effect on their basic movement skills - running, jumping, throwing, catching etc.  The SOKKA Schools Programme incorporate a number of fun exercises that don't involve a football but encourage the children to use their movement skills to score points. 


Benefits to Children;

  • FULLY INCLUSIVE - Every child in a school can play the SOKKA games - no matter their ability, boy or girl.  This means that the whole class can take part in the SOKKA session, and enjoy playing the games.  The children are split into teams, encouraging each of the team members to support and cheer along each other as they play the games.
  • HIGHLY ENGAGING - The flashing LED lights and motion sensors make the SOKKA games highly technological, which is ideal for today's generation of youngsters.
  • CONFIDENCE BUILDING - Each child gets 45 seconds on each of the SOKKA games, which means they can work on their skills at their own pace without fear of the ball being taken from them.  This format really helps to build self-confidence as they see their scores improving the more they play.

Benefits to Schools;

  • MEASUREABLE PROGRESSION - Every time a child plays the games, they get a score - which means that the school can track their progress.  Players are able to record their scores on SOKKA.NET along with their food and exerise diary 
  • POSITIVE COMPETITION - The SOKKA games have been designed so the player is challenging him or herself.  This positive competition pushes the children to be the best they can be, without forcing direct competition between pupils.  There are no losers in SOKKA!!
  • RAISE THE BUZZ IN SCHOOL - The SOKKA games provide the school and children a completely new and exciting experience that is sure to raise the buzz around the school and get the children excited about exercise and sport.

Calling all Primary Schools in the Manchester area;

Starting in September 2014, the SOKKA School Programme is being piloted by Primary Schools in the Manchester (UK) area.  If you are a Primary School based in the Manchester area and interested in finding out more about the programme and the pilot, then please get in touch at  

Calling all other Primary Schools;

The SOKKA Schools Programme is currently being piloted in the Manchester area, however the early successes means that we will be soon expanding into your area.  If you are interested in the SOKKA Schools Programme and would like to find out more about it, then please complete the inquiry form and we'll be pleased to get in touch.

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